Yellow Fever
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Dec 28

This is a common question. Sadly there is no international register of these vaccines. If you DO remember who gave it to you, you can ask them for a new copy.  Yellow fever providers are supposed to keep records. ( At Dr Deb’s we have some records going back over 30 years ) If you […]

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Mar 31

There has been a recent report of fatalities from disease Yellow Fever. Since January 2018, 10 travel-related cases of yellow fever, including four deaths, have been reported in international travelers returning from Brazil. None of the 10 travelers had received yellow fever vaccination. Among the 10 international travelers reported with yellow fever acquired in Brazil, eight […]

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Aug 26

So what is the validity of my yellow fever certificate? How long does it last ? Is my old yellow fever certificate – that says it is expired – still going to work to enter various countries? Short answer is  certificate is valid for life From World Health Organisation (WHO ) “Nothing needs to be modified […]

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Jul 12

Dear Readers We have received the following brochure and poster with important information on Zika and Yellow fever from Australia’s Chief Medical Officer  (CMO) Professor Chris Baggoley BVSc (Hons), BM BS, BSocAdmin, FACEM Brochure_Rio Olympics Campaign (D16-695519) Poster_Rio Olympics Campaign (D16-695475)  

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Jun 25

We often get asked.. How long does yellow fever vaccine last? The short answer is LIFE ( provided you have the certificate and you don’t have any immune system diseases, and you are not going somewhere particularly high risk for Yellow Fever  ) The Australian Government has adopted the World Health Organization amendment to the […]

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Aug 08

Phobias about medical needles are different to phobias about grasshoppers,  the colour green etc.   Having a medical injection may not be the most pleasant experience, but there is a spectrum of needle nervousness. Some people feel OK but are not happy, some have a really morbid fear. Where would you put yourself on the scale?

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