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Persons who catch the disease yellow fever have sudden onset of fever, chills, severe headache, back pain, general body aches, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and weakness.

Some persons recover, but some develop shock and organ failure. Not good. And there are no specific treatments for the disease yellow fever. However, it is easy to prevent all this with a single dose of yellow fever vaccine.

Yellow Fever Was One of the Great Plagues of the World

The Panama Canal builders couldn’t get the canal finished because workers were dying of yellow fever. On one occasion, Benjamin Franklin had to escape Philadelphia due to a Yellow Fever disease outbreak.

PLUS you may be required to show a yellow fever certificate on entry to some countries.

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South America

Countries that still have yellow fever disease circulating have other risks: malaria, dengue, typhoid, hepatitis, meningitis, rabies, cholera to name just a few. If you are visiting these countries you likely need to know about prevention of these other problems as well.

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The Easy Steps to Avoiding Yellow Fever

Important information on when to have the vaccine, how long it lasts, side effects etc.

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The 3 Big Benefits of Seeing a Specialist

Let’s face it; if you needed heart surgery, you’d use a specialist heart surgeon. So if you need travel vaccines, see a specialised travel doctor. Our doctors have committed to the extra training you need to give you the best advice and recommendations, and only what you really need. AND the staff give lots of vaccines, so we have the expertise to give injections as painlessly as possible.

Specialist travel clinics have infrastructure e.g. all vaccines are onsite plus vaccination books, the Travelling Well book (full of practical tips to stay well), medical kits (to get you back on track ASAP if you get sick) … all in the one location, so no need to go to a pharmacy, get script filled, go back to doctor etc. This saves you time.

Specialist clinics have great supply lines for vaccines so that means it is really rare we will have to tell you “we haven’t got any stock of that vaccine as there is a shortage” AND we stock the rare vaccines.  AND because we buy in bulk, and we have done our price shopping, we are more economical.  This saves you money.