Yellow Fever
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About the Vaccine

Vaccination has been available for over 60 years.
The vaccine certificate is valid ten days after immunization, for ten years.

The Yellow Fever vaccine can interfere with other vaccines so the scheduling must be planned accordingly.

Side Effects

Although this is a safe vaccine for most persons, the risks of vaccination are not zero.

Mild Side Effects

  • Most people will get a slight sore arm
  • 2-10% may feel tired, headache, muscle aches, fever for 24 hours starting 3-9 days after the vaccine
  • 1% need to curtail regular activities

More Serious Side Effects?

  • 1 in 130,000 will get immediate hypersensitivity – rash, itching faint or asthma – this is why you need to wait 30 minutes in the clinic after vaccination.
  • 1 per 400,000 doses. will develop very severe side effects; inflammation of  multiple organs e.g. brain, lungs, kidney, liver, spleen, skin, blood stream.

There are reports of some persons dying from the vaccine. This is rare but some persons are more at risk of side effects than others.