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Yellow Fever Vaccination Fremantle


The team at Travel Health Plus, Fremantle have been providing Yellow Fever vaccinations for over 20 years.

Dr David Rutherford

Making an appointment is as simple as giving us a call on 08 9336 6630 or online via the HealthEngine link on our website -

Yellow Fever vaccine certification is a mandatory requirement for travel to some countries in South America and Africa. There can be issues entering some countries and also when returning to Australia without adequate paperwork leading to frustration, delays, and cost.

The disease itself is highly fatal and transmitted by mosquitos. The vaccine is highly protective and long-lasting. In fact, it has recently been accepted for customs requirements as being life-long.

From a health point of view, there are times when it is still recommended to boost every 10 years depending on destination and itinerary such as entering an area with a current outbreak of Yellow Fever.

Vaccination takes 10 days to be effective. The vaccine can cause side effects in some people, so getting it as early as possible before you leave is recommended.

Mild side effects of Yellow Fever Vaccine include a sore arm, feeling tired, headache, muscle aches or fever for 24 hours starting 3-9 days after vaccination.

Very rarely persons vaccinated can develop more severe side effects of Yellow Fever Vaccine, which may include anaphylaxis (severe allergy), liver and/or nerve inflammation. It is critically important to get the vaccine from doctors who have experience with the vaccine as there are some patients who are higher risk from the vaccine and a few who should not be given the vaccine at all because of safety reasons.

A consultation at our clinic costs between $79 - $115 with a Medicare rebate available for those not travelling for work purposes. The Yellow Fever vaccine and certificate costs $85.

With all vaccinations, travel-related medicines and self-treatment kits kept on site, we can also provide you with any other vaccines which may be recommended. Our appointments are usually around 30 minutes in length and not only will we talk to you about non-vaccine preventable diseases but also give you plenty of time to ask questions.