Yellow Fever
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Yellow Fever Vaccination Brisbane

If you need a Yellow Fever Vaccination, in Brisbane, call Dr Deb and her team. +61732219066

All our doctors have formal qualifications in travel medicine and expertise in Yellow Fever Vaccine.

Video about Yellow fever is here.

Address of Dr Deb's clinic is 5th floor, 247 Adelaide Street, Brisbane CBD Ph 32219066

Cost is $79 for the yellow fever vaccine, plus $90 -$120 for the doctor's consultation (some of this consultation fee can be claimed from medicare if you are not travelling for work). The doctor will discuss the Yellow Fever vaccine and the other travel health issues that are relevant, so you will be well prepared for your journey.

More information on Dr Deb's clinics can be found here.

Yellow Fever Vaccination is usually needed for travel to these countries.

Vaccination is valid for life but takes 10 days to be effective. The vaccine causes side effects in some persons, so get it as early as possible before you leave.

Mild side effects of Yellow Fever Vaccine include getting a sore arm, feeling tired, headache, muscle aches or fever for 24 hours starting 3-9 days after vaccination.

Very rarely persons vaccinated can develop more severe side effects of Yellow Fever Vaccine, which may include anaphylaxis ( severe allergy)  and swelling of the brain and other organs. It is critically important to get the vaccine from doctors who have experience with the vaccine.

Once vaccinated, will be issued the international vaccination record book at no further cost.

Call 07 3221 9066 during business hours to make an appointment or click here anytime to make an online booking.

There is no national register for yellow fever vaccinations, however if you have been to Dr Deb's clinic in the past 30 years and had a yellow fever vaccine but have lost your certificate, for a small charge, we can issue you a new one from our records.